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I'm gonna find out who runs this ***

You can expect some lawsuit paperwork cause I am going to sue for false advertising and sharing us victims information and if you were in front of me right now I'd smack the *** out of you you *** ! Signed Psycho


Girl card

I took this long survey. Plus purchased some books. Where the *** is my card


Amazon gift card

Why do you guys say I can get a $1000 Amazon gift card so I do the stupid survey then I have to get something for free and when I do it doesn't say anything about the $1000 Amazon gift card and just redirected me to a $500 cash prize and takes me back to the beginning. So I just got free snacks that will eventually start charging after my first one but no gift card. I'm very upset just give me my $1000 amazon gift card please.



Why are you asking a 16 year old a survey for 18 year olds? Another words, stop interrupting what I am doing when I close the website.


Dissatisfaction with service

Hello there people! I have taken your surveys over & over accepted many offers plus paid for them in addition to speaking with many telemarkers who have taken up an extreme amount of my time! I am broke & did this due to your promise of rewards!

You seem to be connected to many of the get paid for surveys online.

Is this a scam or fake news? It says I am a super user, and after all time I have spent, I certainly am.

Please reply & warn me as to what survey companies you are involved with!


Gina Acosta Klein


I've taken several surveys and I haven't gotten any thing. I've down loaded ,fingerhut,war of clans,and you send me nothing.

I've spoken to representatives from fingering an im in a credit building credit with them I am going to the F.B.I. If i do not hear from someone about my rewards. If this is a nonsense,scam or what ever,they tell us to report online crimes.

If u are not paying the people who take the surveys then you are committing online fraud am that is a crime. I've completed several surveys and I haven't gotten any thing


I feel the same way I've been doing survey Apple survey all of them asked the same questions when it says I'm finished it goes back over to the same thing don't keep telling me about One Rewards I have to do it again the same questions some of the questions say do you hate money no it's not that I hate money I just don't need that service please get in contact with me because I think it's not fair the way things are.


Didn't get paid for survey

How do I get paid or am I going to get paid


My number cell # won't take502-907-7768


I have signed up for your iPhone 8

Every time I download and play it I don't get the rest of the points so that means I don't get it right


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